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Good afternoon, every one. It is my great honor to stand here to present my lesson. To make my presentation clearer, I will explain my lesson plan in the following parts

Part One: Analysis of the teaching material

Reading teaching is a very important part in English teaching. New Curriculum standard requires that students should get some kinds of information, enlarge their knowledge, enjoy and get gum, cultivate and develop their reading skills through reading.

The lesson I am going to talk about is the reading part in Chapter6 from Oxford English 7A. It is a story about a crew’s adventure on another planet. The title is Nobody wins. Part One of the story appears in Chapter 5 and students will know the result of the story in this chapter. Students only know part of the story in Chapter5. so they will be very interested and eager to know the result of the story. They may be very exciting when they know the result.

Part Two: Teaching aims

According to my understanding of the material and students, I establish the following teaching aims:

1. Students can read and understand the story.

2. Students can develop their guessing, skimming and scanning skills.

3. Students can build up their self-confidence and learn how to cooperate with others well.

Teaching key point and difficult point:

The key point of this lesson is to develop students’ scanning and skimming skills. The difficult point of this lesson is some difficult words in the story.

Part Three: Teaching equipment

CAI, tape recorder

Part Four: Teaching methods and learning methods

1. Communicative teaching method

2. Task-based” teaching method

3.Cooperative learning method

As we all know: the main instructional aims of learning English in the Middle School is to cultivate students’ abilities of listening, speaking, reading, writing and their good sense of the English language. To use these methods are helpful to develop the students’ abilities.

Part Five: Teaching procedures

(1) Pre-reading activity:

Students act out part one of the story.

Students have learned part one of this story in Chapter 5. After learning Chapter 5. students know what the story is about but they don’t know the result of the story. The ending of part one is that the main character of the story says all of them will be alive. (The main characters were caught by a monster and trapped in a cage). After students act out part one of the story, I will raise a question to lead in my lesson: What’s the main character’s plan to save the crew from danger? Ask students to number the paragraphs in the story. There are totally twelve paragraphs in this story.

(2) While-reading activities:

Activity one: Guessing: Students often meet with some new words in reading. When

they see the new words, they are either frightened by the new words or they spend too

much time in looking up the words in the dictionary. It will be helpful to improve

students’ reading ability if they know how to guess the meaning of the words

according to the context. When they are doing this part, ask them to finish it by

themselves first and then ask them to discuss in groups.

Ask students to find the following words in the story and use them to replace the words in italics in the sentences.

immediately, secretly, attacked, escape

1. The captain’s men climbed into the kangaroos’ pockets and no one saw them.

2. After super, Gork went to bed and fell asleep at once.

3. Gork shouted because Nobody hit him.

4. They could not kill Gork. Otherwise, they could not get away.

Activity two: skimming (When students do the skimming task, they don’t need to read the whole story word by word and they don’t need to understand the whole story. The skimming task only requires students to read parts of the story and get the main information of the story. This skill will help students to develop the ability to find out the key words and key sentences to understand the main idea of the story. It is helpful to increase students’ reading speed. )

Ask students to number the paragraphs in the story. There are totally twelve paragraphs in this story.

1. Ask students to read the first and the last three paragraphs and answer the following questions:

a. What will they use to melt the bars of the cage?

b. Were they free?

2. Ask students to read the story quickly and give correct orders to the following sentences:

a. Then you’ll use it to kill Gork, Captain.

b. Gork, this is nobody.

c. You just had a bad dream.

d. We will use this laser torch to melt the bars of the cage.

e. We can’t kill him.

f. Nobody attacked and damaged my eye.

Activity Three: scanning (scanning is a kind of skill used to find out the main information in reading. When scanning, students don’t need to read the story word by word, they just need to scan the relative part of the story according to the information they need to find out. )

Ask students to fill in the blanks according to the story.

Gork fell asleep. Captain King told his ________. They _____ from the cage. King shouted “This is _________” and use a ________ _______ to aim at Gork’s eye. The kangaroos did not help Gork because he said nobody ________ him. King and his friends _________ into the kangaroos’ pockets and escaped the cave.

(3)Post-reading activity:

Students work in groups to tell Captain King’s plan to save them from the danger with the help of the given questions.

How did King call himself?

What did they use to melt the bars?

What hit Gork’s eye?

When the kangaroos came, what did Gork say?

After this activity, I will tell them the moral education of this story: When you are in danger, you should calm down, use your brain and try to think of some ways to save yourself from danger.

(5)Homework: 1.Finish the exercise on page 74 and 75.

2. Write down the story in your own words.

The above is my presentation about my lesson plan. Thank you for listening.

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Step Ⅰ.Lead-in









Step Ⅱ.Presentation











Step Ⅲ.Practice







Step Ⅳ.Retelling





Step Ⅴ.Summaryandhomework






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Introduce myself:

My name is Lu Guojuan. I have worked in Zhangqiao Middle School for 5

years. Today I want to talk about Unit 2. School Life Reading, 8A, Oxford


First, the analysis of the textbook:

1. The contents:

The part of the reading in the second unit aims to introduce school

life in British and American schools and it aims to get the students to

learn the differences between foreign culture and native culture.

2. The teaching aims:

(1)The aims of the knowledge: To learn life in a British school or an

American school and to master important language points.

(2)The aims of the abilities: To improve the abilities of getting

information by scanning and the abilities of listening, speaking, reading

and writing.

(3)The aims of the emotion: To promote their love for their school and

school lives.

3. The teaching emphasis:

(1) To get the ability of general reading and acquiring information.

(2) To master vital phrases and sentence structures.

4. The teaching difficulties:

(1)We have to tell our English teacher what we are reading.

(2)This is great because it takes less time than taking the bus.

Next, the teaching methods:

Teach the students by the five teaching steps gradually to emphasize

the contents. The teacher is to act as a guide and the students as an

actor to do the activities.

Then, the teaching aids:

Projector, Slide show, Tape recorder and Pictures

Afterwards, the design of the teaching procedure and the class activities.

Step I Lead-in (within 5 minutes)

1. Ask and answer about school life.

1 )What subjects do you learn at school?

2 )What after-school activities do you have?

3 ) Have you joined a club?

2. Ask two students to talk about his/her school life.

Step II Presentation (within 30 minutes)

Part A Show two flags with the words ‘Life in a British school’ and ‘life

in an American school’ and discuss the question: What do you think British or American school would be like?

Part B 1. Listen to the tape about Passage One to get general ideas and think about two easy questions:

(1) Who wrote the first passage?

(2 )What activities does the school have every year?

2. Read and complete the first five T or F exercises in Part C1 and

correct them.

Part C 1. Listen to the tape about Passage Two to get rough ideas and

think about two easy questions:

(1) Who wrote the second passage?

(2) Who else are mentioned in the passage?

2. Read then ask and answer:

(1) What did Jim do in school last year?

(2) How does Nancy go to school every day?

(3) What do the students do in the Buddy Club?

(4) What do American students do during lunchtime?

(5) What do the students sometimes do after school?

3. Complete the left T or F exercises in Part C1 and correct them.

4. Read together with the tape .

Part D Language points:

(It aims to introduce their usage by some examples.)

1. how to do something

2. taste-tasty

3. tell our English teacher what we are reading.

4. as well & either

5. It takes less time than taking the bus.

6. drive me to school

7. have a great time doing sth

There are some other useful phrases:

1. near the end of each class

2. have a driving lesson

3. spend a lot of time doing

4. Buddy Club

5. talk to sb about sth

6. enjoy this a lot

7. help me learn about sth

Part E Retell John’s or Nancy’s school life. (Volunteers)

Step III Consolidation (within 5 minutes)

Do exercises in workbook on Page 44 No. 6 and then check out the answers. Step IV Oral practice (within 5 minutes)

1. Make up a dialogue with partner to talk about Nancy’s school life. (one pair)

2. Say something about our own school life. (one or two students)

If I have some more time, I will ask the students to write down their school lives and read them out.

Step V Assignment

1. Retell John’s or Nancy’s school life.

2. Write a composition about our own school life.

Finally, evaluation and reflection:

Evaluate the effect of this class and improve it afterwards.

In addition, I will attach my design of the blackboard.

Design of blackboard:

Unit 2 School Life

What do you think British or American school would be like?

Life in a British school Life in an American school

Language points:

1. tell our English teacher what we are reading

2. as well & either

3. It takes less time than taking the bus.

4. have a great time doing sth

That’s all. Thank you.

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