A prevailing phenomenon is that countries have less different between each other nowadays. Different person holds different views to this trend. As for me, I think its advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

  It is obvious that if all the countries share the same things, minority nationality regions are affected by the developed countries. Then maybe their minority culture will vanish. Especially in today"s word, the youth is more likely to understand modern culture, and they could forget some culture from their own countries.

  Though it is unnegligiblethat the problem, I mentioned above, I still stick on my opinion that it has more advantages. First, there will be an excellent chance for people who are from different countries to have a communication. People possess similar hobbies and life style, and they will have more common topics to talk about. It really can narrow the gap between two countries.Second, economic globalization can be seen from this trend, promoting all the countries" economy development. And we can get all the goods we want wherever you are. The third one is language and education. Countries are becoming less evident means people break the barrier of the differences between two languages, and it is quite good for academic communication and high level education. We can learn advanced ideas and views directly.

  All in all, the globalization is promoting many aspects of the countries, and actually we are experienced in it and benefit from this trend. As a result, I hold the view that the advantages outweigh the drawbacks.


Globalization and Internet (全球化/Internet)

The drawing vividly unfolds …(Describe the picture描述图画)

This phenomenon which this picture points out is one of numerous international phenomena to have become common and already attracted broad attention in the world in recent years. Globalization/Internet, in brief, makes the whole world a small village. Globalization/Internet offers extensive opportunities for every country in the world to develop their economy, improve their regime, enrich their culture, update their technology and so forth, but globalization/Internet is a two-edged sword: it can bring both benefit and harm. (Present state/situation现象描述+ /Meaning含义)


We must first understand the nature of the problem. On the one hand, globalization/Internet offers extensive opportunities for every country in the world. On the other hand, One of the most controversial aspects of globalization/Internet is the global spread and dominance of American culture.


I have some suggestions about dealing with this problem. First and foremost, Globalization/Internet can bring benefit. In the past twenty years, in the process of globalization and explosive development of the Internet, China has brought about rapid economic growth, sustained social progress and continuous betterment of people"s living standard, so we should accept. Secondly, it can also bring harm. China has been experiencing the collapse of own traditional virtue in the process.

In summary, I am deeply convinced that she, a nation which has civilization for 5,000 years, never loses any good things, physical, intellectual, or moral, till she finds a better substitute, and then the loss is a gain. (Suggestion+conclusion建议+结束语)




        The last decades has witnessed the accelerated advancement of economy,which brings the economic globalization,a tendence that we can never hold it back. Under the condition of economic globalization, cultural exchanges between countries and countries, regions and areas are frequent ,accompanied by opportunity it provides,we are also stood in front of the huge challenges to the culture.

  Just like a coin,which has two sides,on one aspect,the globalization is not only accelerating economic growth speed, spreading new technology and effective ways to improve the level of life rich and poor countries, but ,it is also a controversial process that may contribute to a national sovereignty, erosion infringement to local and traditional culture , and the threat of economic and social stability. Between globalization and culture that is a complementary relationship. And under the wave of economic globalization, how do we do at the same time of accepting foreign culture, can also maintain the development of traditional Chinese culture? From my perspective, For today"s China,we’d better adhere to the use of Marxist ideological line and requirements of the socialist modernization, to analyze and criticize the traditional culture, to identify essence and dross with a calm and objective attitude, derive the traditional culture of all reasonable composition, gives our history a new contents and the era value, and Only in this way,can our china stride bravely forward under the impact of the globalization


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